Virtual CFz Pricing

Welcome to our temporary store for the duration of Confuzzled's virtual convention! 

We will be offering things as we would at confuzzled, including prints, merch and other goods. We will also have a mini partial fursuit available to buy as well! 

If you are at all interested in any of our wares, please use the google form linked at the bottom of this page! We will get back to you via either telegram or discord [please only use discord if you are a part of the CFz virtual convention channel!] with your invoice and any info pertaining to your order in case an item isn't available.

Available goods:*

Furry Fantasy- Outdoor vinyl sticker 3.5"


Price: £2


[must be ordered with something else!]

Show off your support the furry way for a well loved series, this outdoor vinyl sticker can go just about anywhere, from a car to a laptop!

furry fantasy xv online.png

BFF 10th anniversary - enamel pin

Price: £7

[must be ordered with something else!]

An adorable enamel pin to show your support for us working to bring your creations to life for over 10 years! This is a high quality hard enamel pin with black nickle metal and designed by our designer, Lomi!

BFF 10th anniversary - shirt

Price: £10

Our logo shirt produced for our 10th year, this super soft shirt is in a matching blue to our website and the most recent run of shirts. We have a few of our older shirts in a brighter blue which you can also find below as well!

available sizes: small, medium, large

BFF old style - shirt

Price: £7

Our logo shirt, the second run we made. This super soft shirt is in a matching blue to our website and the most recent run of shirts. We have a few of our new shirts in the lighter blue which you can also find above as well!

available sizes: medium, large, XL, 2XL

BFF Tank top

Price: £7

Our logo tanktop. Be aware that the logo is prone to stick to itself when folded due to the fabric for the shirt, it shouldn't affect the image, just gently separate it and wash inside out only.

available sizes: large, XL, 2XL

Fursuit bandanas

Price: £10

Bandanas! can be worn yourself if you tie the back instead of use the adjustable button closure as well. These bandanas are single sided with a plain fabric back and fit most fursuits, providing you don't have a sculpted mane or foam padded neck! When ordering, please use the given name of the bandana you want from the gallery. Thankyou!

Artwork prints - SFW

Price: £5, 4 for £15

So many prints! all of our prints except for those listed below are all on A4 silk stock paper.

Textured silk stock prints: Rathalos, Full bloom and Ravus pinup

Artwork prints - NSFW

Price: £5, 4 for £15

So many prints! all of our NSFW prints are on A4 silk stock paper.

Silver and Gold foil dragons

Price: £15, £20 for both

A beautiful pair of prints featuring foil blocking in silver and gold. Prints are A4 sized and on sturdy card stock. Due to the nature of foil printing, some small deviations in the foil placement may be present, this is normal.

Conbadge commissions

Price: £35, £40 printed and laminated

Our standard conbadge commissions, only available in digital this year. If you opt for printed and laminated, fulfillment will be made by red fox print, and each badge will come with a metal loop for attachment to a lanyard. If you don't opt for printed/laminated, you will recieve the correctly sized digital file only.

If you would like a regular art commission, please register your interest in the google form below so that we can quote you accurately for the piece you would like! We will not invoice you until a price is mutually agreed upon. To speed up your quote, please let us know from our range of prints which piece is closest to the level of finish you would like.


Please keep in mind that our full colour renders [lineless paintings] are priced by the hour and can go over £200. However, our flat and cel shaded pieces are more affordable and range between £50-90. We will not be accepting sketch commissions this year!

Order your merch/commissions here!

*we will try to keep the site updated with our availability and apologise for any disappointment caused by stock selling out before we can update. Please also allow for possible delays on postage, as we need to book pickups for items, we will begin to post out items starting in june.

BFF lanyard

Price: £5

[must be ordered with something else!]

Need something fresh to hang a conbadge from? We have you covered! These simple lanyards have a safety release and standard clip to fit most badges. Designed by our designer, Lomi!