FAQ and ToS

How long does it take to make a fursuit?

From concept to completion, it takes about a month. However this is during my slower periods of the year, during peak times [spring/summer convention season] this can be up to 5 months. I won't just be working on one costume at any one time!


What kind of materials do you use?

Faux fur, fleece, lycra, spandex, minky, velboa, silicone, resin... the list goes on! If you would like me to use specific materials when making your costume, feel free to make that request in the quote form to see if I can accommodate you.

Do you make fullsuits?

I do! fullsuits require duct tape dummies, so be aware of this before you commit to commissioning one. If you can't provide me with a DTD, the warranty on your bodysuit or future free alterations/repairs may be forfeit. DTD's are not optional if you want padding on your bodysuit. we offer chubby belly padding, subtle chest padding for breasts or feral chests and digitigrade legs. We currently do not offer full muscle padding.


What′s the difference between indoor and outdoor footpaws?

Indoor footpaws that are recommended to be worn in moderately clean even flooring, not outside/on dirt/gravel. These paws have finished bottoms with faux leather or silicone pawpads. The standard outdoor paws will have durable EVA foam or rubber bottoms.


What style of construction do you use on your heads?

All of my heads are foam construction. I can also use expanding foam for species' that I have available to cast. My heads are NOT lined on the inside fully, just the mouth area is lined. Having the foam open and able to breath aids in the cleaning of the head and reduces the chances of mould developing between the lining and foam from dampness after improper storage. Generally, I'll recommend wearing a balaclava you can wear under the head and take off to wash afterwards! due to our foam only construction, we do not offer moving jaws, nor will we swap to using a resin head base to allow for a moving jaw.


Which style of eyes have the best vision?

3D eyes have the best vision, as you can have the option of having the entire eye including the whites as mesh [this option is not recommended if you intend to perform around children!]. Toony eyes also have decent vision depending on the artistic style of the eye! Generally, you'll always have a small blind spot in the center of your vision, but I aim to minimise this as much as possible without sacrificing looks.

Where do you breathe from the heads?

The mouth is carved to allow easy air flow, and should you want to install a fan into the muzzle in the future, there is generally space in the muzzle to allow for one as well! 

How do fursuit sleeves work?

Fursuit sleeves are simple fur tubes with elastic keeping the pair together at the shoulder. This elastic goes across your back when wearing them, simply put a shirt on over your arms sleeves and the elastic will keep them up! It's advised to put your handpaws on, then your sleeves, then your shirt for a seamless look.

What if I want a quote and you aren't taking open for commissions?

We have a pricing calculator set up specifically for this situation. It's best to overshoot what you think you want out of your costume so that you oversave for an opening, rather than undersave! You can find this on our pricing page. 

I've tried to get a slot multiple times and never even got a reply! what gives?

I'm sorry you weren't selected, but every time we open up our slots we have upwards of 50 applicants. We will pick and choose criteria that keeps our work flow interesting, or gives us character designs we would like to work with. Our slots are NOT first come first served. If your character is super bright/neon we likely won't accept them [The owner has an offshoot of colour blindness that makes overly saturated colours painful to look at for long periods of time] if your character is very close to another we've made in the past, we also won't accept them There's further guidelines below about what we will and won't create as well. You improve your likelihood of getting a slot by; being a species we haven't made/made many of, opting for artistic liberty, having a reference sheet from our concept artist, or trying for multiple openings, the current sweet spot for that sits around 3 tries. Don't give up looking if you're dedicated to getting a slot with us, but also be aware of our limitations!

What if I don′t know what I want or don′t have concept art?

Choose the 'artistic liberty' option or 'reference art' option on the quote form when commissioning. Artistic liberty essentially rewards you for not being picky about your design. Want a water themed wolf? sure! when you get more involved with small details you would like though, the price for artistic liberty will go up towards the normal price of a fursuit of that type.


What if I want to change my design after I've given a deposit?

You have up until I start your costume to make changes to your design. After that, no more changes will be accepted. Any change is subject to a fee if it alters your design to the point I feel it's necessary. Changes that can incur fees are: additional markings/colours, horns, a change in eye colour/inner ear colour, tongue colour, ect.


Where do you ship costumes?

Worldwide! just be aware that some countries will have security risks with posting fursuits and I will recommend full tracking/insurance as the only option I'll send the suit via. Mainland UK, ireland, europe, america and australia are all common locations I ship to. 

What costumes wont you make?

I won't make original species' that are not of your creation. IE; sergals, angel dragons, ect. I also won't make costumes breaching copyright laws, such as pokemon or digimon. I can do 'inspired by' designs, but they won't be 100% true to the inspiration. We will not make characters who are primarily or completely made up of saturated colours either for the owner's eye health. Suits that are too close to another suit we have made in the past [but not a remake of your character, which is absolutely fine!] will also be declined.  In some cases, we may still select characters like this, but only when the design is uncopyrightable. Such as, a white wolf, a fox with natural markings, etc. 2 dragons with the exact same colours and horn placement however, would be a no go! 

Can you make me a fursuit in someone else's style?

In short, no. If you like another fursuit maker's style, commission them!


Do your costumes have a warranty?

All costumes have a 1 year or 5 convention warranty against any defects that don't include regular wear and tear, whatever comes first. regular wear and tear include: plastic discolouration, claw scuffs, softening of leather pawpads, pilling on the fur backing on bodysuits and small tears. If it's small enough to just get a finger through a tear, it's not worth the postage to send it back to me, and I'll advise on self repair!



Below is how the commission process and such work if you decide on commissioning me.


Quotes and concept art-

  • I require my quote form to be filled in before I can give an accurate quote, all quotes are final and will not be negotiated if you decide to accept the commission slot. If you contact me for a rough quote through any other means, this is a rough estimate. you must still submit a quote form, which will be accurate for 3 months. I will advise you if I feel that your costume would use limited production materials that may shorten your quote length.

  • The deposit is always roughly a third of your final quote and non-refundable. No exceptions. If you decide to cancel, you will lose your deposit! Always make sure you're able to commit to a commission.  Under extreme circumstances before your costume is started, you may be able to transfer your slot to someone else, this -must- be done through us, and not via auction/private sale yourself. Breach of this rule will result in the termination of your order and loss of your deposit. 

  • Concept art must be of your character. I will not do fursuit work of characters that are not your own, or from photos of other fursuits. if you are found to be using artwork that's either traced or otherwise copied from another character, you will have your slot sold to someone else waiting in my queue and have your slot refunded. 

  • If your concept art differs in any way from how you would like your costume to look (not including style of legs) any missed changes are down to the commissioner. I work primarily from artwork and if it's inacurate, this is down to the commissioner to fix with new artwork, or pay to have changes made if the suit is in progress and changes are possible.

  • Concept art must be provided with 3 views [front, back and side, front and back will be considered for simple characters.] when you submit a quote form. Our artist SecondJaw can provide you with reference artwork for £50-70. We will favour artwork from our artist as it's going to give you and us a better idea of how your costume will look as a 3D costume.

  • If you are considered for a quote, you have the option to have a sit down conversation with me via telegram call to finalise all of your details and address any concerns or questions directly and receive a response in real time. Take into account that this will be no more than an hour and be purely speaking about your slot, not advice on making your own costume or small talk. Serious inquiries with deposits ready only for this option, please!



  • Work on your costume will begin before your full balance is paid, but it will not be sent to you or finished before your balance is fully paid. You will be required to pay 1/3 upfront for fullsuits and partials, and 1/2 upfront for heads only. Your second payment will come on confirmation of your head base shaping, this is where I can make any changes, after this point, I will be unable to make changes. Have your payments ready, I will contact you just before I start on your head base, if you're unable to pay your second payment, inform me immediately so that I can plan accordingly. Your last payment will come shortly after your second [if you have a third payment to make] and following that will be postage. A quote of £900 will have 3 payments of £300 for example, excluding shipping. Exceptions may be buying out an existing slot from someone who is selling theirs or adopting a premade design on the website. You will be advised of your payment options if this is the case. 

  • Payments MUST be by paypal and in your name/business. If I have any doubts on your identity or age, I may ask for ID matching your name on paypal, or evidence of attendance at a convention with 18+ attendance. [ex: a con issued conbadge with your name/character name on it]. I reserve the right to decline service to anyone who is unable to provide these on request. I do not accept being paid in person at events/conventions.

  • You must have control of your finances. If you are on benefits or otherwise unemployed, I respectfully ask that you do not commission me.

Progress and updates-

  • ​You are welcome to request photo updates whenever you like, though requesting them multiple times in a short time frame [1-3 days] is not acceptable. The times I offer photo updates are: head base complete, head finished, handpaws, tail, bodysuit, footpaws. although simple single colour hand or footpaws with no pads/claws may not be photographed unless on request. 

  • Updates are also given on my twitter regularly and via discord when I have a busy convention period going on.

  • If I show you progress on your costume that warrants your second payment, and you're unable to pay it, your options will be discussed. If you will be unable to pay for a prolonged period, your slot may be auctioned off or given to someone else in my queue. In most cases you will get back your deposit, or be offered materials for the cost of postage. If I finish your costume and you cannot pay the final amount due, I will hold the costume for a maximum of 6 months, after this it will be altered if the character is very distinct, then auctioned off and you will be refunded the amount you had paid towards it, minus an admin fee. 

  • Most slots are taken 12-16 months in advance, be aware of this when commissioning as it may take this long after your deposit before you start to see updates/progress on your costume. Take this time to save back the rest of your payment!

Delivery and contact-

  • Once packages are sent out, any damage caused by the postal services are not a fault of my own. If such damages do happen, contact your post office immediately for compensation. 

  • All orders are within set 'batches' you will be informed of your projected start and end date when commissioning me. As I am a single worker, this date may shift forward and back depending on the other orders in my queue, my health, or availability of materials. 

  • While contacting me, please allow up to 24 hours between responses, longer if I am away on holiday/dealing at a convention. if you don't hear back in 3 days and theres no sign of me being away via my update channels, please resend your email as it may have gotten lost. Please make your emails concise and to the point, simple 'hi' or 'can you make me a fursuit?' emails will be deleted.

  • Convention deadlines: I only offer advanced deadlines for confuzzled, as I attend this convention. Other convention deadlines will not be guaranteed, unfortunately. CFz deadline suits are taken in june the year before CFz. Fullsuits are never guaranteed for any deadline. You will however always get a partial for your deadline, and the bodysuit afterwards. I would rather you have something for your deadline than nothing! You will be informed at my soonest knowledge if a set deadline like this cannot be met. I would rather deliver you the best product I can than rush something for a deadline.

  • If I receive no confirmation to continue with your fursuit close to a deadline, you may be pushed back in the queue. Please try to reply back to any progress/updates in a timely manner to keep my queue running smoothly.

Repairs and modifications-


  • All costumes have a year, or 5 convention warranty  where I will repair the costume for the cost of shipping. Only return the part that needs repairs, not everything! If a suit is returned to me uncleaned/smelly/stained I will return it back to you immediately and your warranty will be void. If the costume is in truly awful condition at fault of your own, you may be blacklisted from future commissions.

  • If a costume has been modified in any way by yourself or another person, the warranty will be void. If you want any changes made to the costume after the foam work stage, they will incur my repair fees, this is non negotiable, unless they are a fault of my own [a clearly wrong marking/colour, ect that's not based on transferring a 2D design to 3D.]

  • Any other rough activities that do not apply under general wear-and-tear will also not be covered under the warranty.  This includes: LARPing, tree climbing, anything involving mud or dirt, back-flips and other strenuous activities that require a lot of flexibility that a formfitting costume cannot offer. if you plan on doing these activities, let me know! I can work around things like this if I know you are doing them, Similarly, should you want to use your suit for adult activities, this is fine with me, however I will void your warranty and option to send the suit back to me for repairs. I do not offer the option to add extra 'zippers' or make anatomically correct suits beyond subtle female chest padding.


Returns and refunds-


  • Every fursuit I create is a unique wearable art piece tailored to the owner, as such, returns are not accepted once a fursuit is complete and mailed out to you. Unless it is a large error on my part that could not be seen via photos, which I will endeavour to fix. However no one will stop you from selling the costume on to someone else if you are still unhappy with it. For new costumes, the warranty will be extended to the new owner, providing no modifications were made. Suits from may 2018 on-wards will have an official start-end warranty sheet in with the costume that must be passed to the new owner for this to apply.

  • No refunds will be given if the costume arrives to me in a state that is different to when it was sent out to you or it is otherwise dirty/used, tampered with or improperly washed and subsequently ruined. If I find this to be the case, your transaction will be terminated, and you will be blacklisted from future commissions with me. 

  • If circumstances change during the process of the commission, such as, but not limited to; the commissioner is rude, threatening, unreasonable, emails excessively or I have personal issues myself, I have the right to give a refund of my own accord. I will give you notice and reasoning if your order is refunded of my own accord. In most cases, a refund will be given after your slot is sold off to someone else waiting in my queue.


  • I do not make fursuit parts. I only make heads, partials and fullsuits.

  • If you are under the age of 18, I wont be able to work with you. You will be unable to use paypal as an under 18 [legally] with your own account, which is a requirement for commissioning me.

  • If you aren't a native speaker of english and struggle to write it, I may refuse to work with you. This is because fursuit commissions are fairly conversation heavy and I would hate to miss something lost in translation and have you unhappy with the final product. Asking a friend to contact me on your behalf is fine!


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