About us

We are Blue Fox fursuits, a UK based costume making business situated in the south east of england.  Headed by Dasker, the creator of the costumes/fursuits and our graphic designer/concept artist Lomi, we've been active and producing costumes for the fandom and theatrical use since 2008. 

We are an LGBT+ friendly business, and also vegan friendly. None of our costumes use real fur or animal products, including horse hair, leathers, real feathers or paints/dyes made from animal/insect parts. 

Our goal is to provide quality and affordable costumes to suit most reasonable budgets, and create costumes that're both compact and practical for easy wear and transport. We prefer to work closely one-on-one with clients, but should you not be able to visit our workspace for fittings this won't be an issue. We have 2 openings every year in June and November for our suits and aim to take between 10-20 new costumes every year. 

We cast and carve almost all of our parts in house, from canines, felines, dinosaurs and everything inbetween. If you need something out of the ordinary that abides by our TOS, get in contact with us!


We are a smoke free and pet free household besides 1 lizard, no pet dander will come in contact with costume pieces while being worked on by us.

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